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Since 2005, Group Medical Supply has been dedicated to manufacturing and distributing the best possible products for many aspects of improved health and daily living. Our ChillMED line is one of several quality diabetic bags we manufacture and distribute.

In 2007, with input from our customers, GMS began to see a need for a higher quality and more practical solution to carry and protect insulin and diabetic accessories. We care greatly about our customers. With your needs in mind, Group Medical Supply made great strides to provide you with such products that can improve the daily life of a diabetic – with the ChillMed line.

We truly believe that our ChillMED products will meet and exceed your expectations of what a diabetic bag should be. With more storage room, better organization, longer cooling times and a bag that would stand the test of time, holding up to the demands of travel and daily use. We are proud to introduce you to the ChillMED brand.

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ChillMED™ by Group Medical Supply

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