Carry-All Travel Pack

The Dual Sided Carry All Travel Pack are Perfect for Daily Use at Home or on Holiday.

This simple yet versatile bag is equipped with two zippered compartments, rings for a waist belt, and discreet carrying handle. The Carry All is designed for test kits, or basic supplies you might need during the day.

The exterior of the bag features a 600D Cordera shell, durable piping, rings for waist belt or shoulder strap, and a zippered mesh pocket. The mesh pocket can accommodate a Mini or Individual Frio® Wallet. The interior zippered pocket has room for a meter, lancet, test strips, pens, or whatever you want to include. There are no internal dividers or pouches in the Carry All. Or use the Carry All to carry passport, wallet, and other personal items, and use the mesh pocket to carry an insulin pen or prefilled syringe in an Individual Frio®.

Since it is smaller in size, it is a good choice for short trips. You just may need to check your BG levels or administer medication, but do not wish to take all of your supplies with you. Or maybe you want a lightweight, simple bag that you can store your insulin pump supplies in. The Carry All is a great solution.

It does not include gel packs, but one could be added if you prefer. The carrying handle and rings on either side make for easy transport. Wear it around your waist with the included nylon strap or provide your own shoulder strap and attach to rings conveniently sewn on either side of the bag. Compact and discreet. This model does not have a belt loop, but can be worn with the included adjustable strap around the waist.

Bag Dimensions: 8.27″ x 4.33″ x 2″
Adjustable Strap Length: Strap can be adjusted up to 60 inches long, including bag ~68 inches.


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