Bags From ChillMED Fit Your Lifestyle

From Test Kit to Travel Organizer – ChillMED Delivers Options

We’ve designed ChillMED bags to fit your lifestyle! Some of our customers need a bag with a bit more room to hold supplies while traveling by plane, and some may need a smaller bag (not too small) to carry items to meet daily needs.

ChillMED bags combine the most popular organizational elements in a medication cooling bag with improved functionality, durability and style. So as a ChillMED customer, you have options to best fit your needs.

ChillMED is Not Just a Product for Diabetics

ChillMED bags are not just for diabetics. Individuals transporting medications that require refrigeration other than insulin can also use ChillMED products. ChillMED bags are a great option for individuals transporting Humira (for rheumatoid arthritis) or Trimix (for erectile dysfunction). If you are traveling and need to keep an antibiotic oral suspension cold, consider using a ChillMED bag.

More than 150 medications and vaccines prescribed by health care professionals require refrigeration to protect potency. ChillMED bags can be used to transport any of them, as well as any accessories required for dosing. ChillMED bags allow you to organize your items the way that you choose, while providing a good base structure to work with.

Each ChillMED bag has a different average cold time, and during that cold time will maintain temperatures inside the bag between 40° and 55° fahrenheit. (4-13 C°).

More information about ChillMED Cold Times

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