ChillMED Offers Extended Cold Time

Choose a ChillMED Bag With the Appropriate Cold Time For Your Needs!

The ‘Cold Time’ of each ChillMED bag varies depending upon several factors including ambient temperature, temperature of Cold-Pax prior to placement in the bag, and number of times you open the bag, while transporting medications.

For ChillMED bags, we define ‘cold time’ as the length of time your medications remain at refrigerated temperatures (usually below 15°C or 55°F). Insulin that reaches a temperature above this range, is considered to be stored at room temperature, and must be used within 28 days to retain its potency. Required ‘cold times’ for other medications may vary, and you should consult with your doctor or pharmacist when using ChillMED bags to transport other medications.

Medications stay cold longer, when they are refrigerated previous to your travel. Before placing them in a ChillMED bag, they should already be or have been refrigerated.
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Cold Times for ChillMED Bags that include a Cold-Pax Gel Pack. The To-Go includes a 3 Oz. gel pack, the Today includes a 6 Oz. gel pack, the Elite includes two 6 Oz. gel packs, and the Premier includes a 24 Oz. gel pack.

Ambient Temperatures

When we tested the ChillMED bags, the ambient temperature was between 70° and 73° Fahrenheit (21° to 22° Celsius). When the ambient temperature increases, cold times are reduced slightly. This means that as the outside temperature increases, the length of time medications stay cold may be somewhat reduced.

Cold-Pax Freezer Pack Temperature

The Cold-Pax freezer packs that come with the ChillMED bags can be frozen below zero. Typical refrigerator freezers will freeze items to 0° Fahrenheit (-18° Celsius). Some sub-zero freezers can freeze items as cold as -25° Fahrenheit. Cold-Pax will stay frozen longer, when frozen to sub-zero temperatures. We recommend freezing gel packs for 12-24 hours before use in order to gain the most cold time possible.

Opening Your ChillMED During Transport

Medications will stay coldest, when the bag is closed. If you need to access medications from your ChillMED bag, especially in instances when you are on an extended travel plan, such as an extended plane flight or train ride, keep in mind that each time you open your bag, you are reducing the amount of cold time.

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