Smarter Design & Quality Materials

ChillMED Bags Have a Smarter Design for Added Peace of Mind.

More Durable No-Snag Zippers and Zipper Pulls

We know you’ll love the smarter design of the new ChillMED line. Nothing is more troubling when trying to open or close a bag than a zipper that sticks or will not fully open. ChillMED brand bags feature no-snag zippers. Extended zipper pulls assist you in opening and closing your bag quickly and completely.

Improved Elastic Banding

In response to elastic banding issues in other diabetic bags, we’ve improved the size, location and number of elastic tethers in our ChillMED line. With additional elastics to hold pens, vials, and test strips, ChillMED bags can handle any item you put into them.

Better Insulated Panels and Edging

Some of the ChillMED line of products have only panel insulation. The original Elite, the Premier, and the Daily Soft sided do not feature insulation around the perimeter of the edging. Our new Elite, Today, Carry-All, and To-Go bags all feature improved closed cell foam panel insulation, as well as insulated perimeter edging. This smarter design and Improved insulation means insulin or other medications stay colder longer.

Quality Materials = Increased Durability

ChillMED brand bags are made with an exterior shell of 600 Denier Polyester. 600D Poly is highly durable, is resistant to tearing, and helps retain cold inside the bag better than nylon. The mesh webbing is designed to stand up to regular daily use and offers added convenience. No snag zippers make the bag more reliable, and easier to open and close than cheaper bags. ChillMED bags have quality strapping and heavy duty stitching so they can stand up to regular wear and tear.

Frio® Compatibility for ChillMED Bags

Now all of the ChillMED bags are Frio® Wallet compatible (except for the Micro-Cooler). Adding a Frio wallet to your ChillMED bag, allows you to keep one or several vials or pens at or below room temperature for up to 48 hours. Using a Frio® with your ChillMED bag makes it possible to keep most of your insulin cold, while the insulin you plan to use first can be stored in your Frio® Wallet. The Frio® can be reactivated any time with only cold water, and you can extend the time your vial will remain below or at room temperature for as long as you need. Other bag manufacturers try to match their vinyl bags, which do not breath, with Frio® wallets. ChillMED bags all feature a breathable exterior zippered mesh pocket to hold your Frio® wallet so they can be exposed to the outside air, ensuring they continue to cool your medication.

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